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A Story of Textile Heritage.


Katie Brown fabrics and products are all designed in Northern Ireland, where the textile industry has deep historical roots. By the start of the First World War, Belfast was the world's largest centre for linen amnufacturing. In 1921, there were one million spindles, 37,000 looms and 70,000 people directly employed in linen production across Northern Ireland.



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The Legacy Continues...

Katie Brown is passionate about continuing the legacy of Northern Irish textile production. She is also committed to UK manufacturing, supporting local industry. The designer is based in the Seaside town of Bangor, Co.Down. Her workspace is within Seacourt Print Workshop at the Centre of Contemporary printmaking, an internationally renowned artist resource. SPW is acting as the designers host organisation under the making it programme with Craft NI, supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Invest NI. As well as designing and printing textiles at the workshop, Katie Brown offers specialist classes to the public.


Committed to UK Manufacturing.


Katie Brown fabrics and products are printed with our signature designs in Maccelsfield in the North of England. This town also has a historic textile story that mirrors that in Northern Ireland. Nestled against a background of the Peak District Hills, the cobbled streets of the town were once home to the centre of UK silk production during the industrial revolution. Today, Macclesfield is still known as a 'silk town' and textile production continues, having adopted modern processing. Our fabrics are printed on state-of-the-art digital printers before travelling back to Belfast for finishing.

By the 1940's Katie Brown's Great Grandfather, Frank                                    Withrington was screen-printing linen. This coincidence was unknown by the designer until recently.  


Katie Brown's Exclusive range of fabrics are not only designed, but printed by hand solely in Northern Ireland. All scarves are hemmed by hand in Belfast.